Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have been around for many years in one form or another. In fact, they have been around in bath houses for as long as man could house natural hot springs. Then they started making them out of wood to be more portable and readily available. With the invention of metal they were even more prevalent with the wealthy. Then came the modern era of fiberglass, and they were still only sold to people who had the means to spend quite a few dollars on luxury items. Well with the invention of inflatable hot tubs, the everyday man can now own a bubbly piece of luxury and relaxation.Inflatable hot tubs can have many benefits over the more traditional type of hot tubs.

The Benefits

1. Prices- Inflatable spas are a fraction of the cost of a traditional fiber glass model. Most People can afford to buy one of these luxury items with the little bit of money they have left over in their checking account at the end of the month. Whereas the traditional tubs, you would have to go take a loan out and finance the product. A good inflatable hot tub can cost a tenth of the cost of a fiberglass hull. Another cost saver not known to many consumers is the savings of not having to pay a professional to install the proper electrical and plumbing, but more on that later. Almost any family budget can support the purchase of one of these innovative luxuries.

2. Now to the installation of these fun items. It really is as easy as opening the box, plugging the pump, in and filling it up. The End! Ok, it might take a little bit longer than reading that sentence, but not much. The packages usually come all ready to drop in place, get the pump connected and start pumping. About 4-6 minutes and the tub is inflated. Depending on the hose size and pressure, it may take about 20 minutes to get the tub filled up with water. After that plug it in and let it heat up. Again, depending on the model and amount of water used, it is about 2 degrees per hour to get to a nice crisp 100+ degree temp.

3. If you need to move, or are taking a vacation where there won’t be a tub, you can take it with you. Traditional spas are stuck in one spot, but the beauty of owning one of these inflatable spas is that you can move it from one place to another with very little difficulty. The box it came in is a perfect way to move it and it is only about as big as a medium sized cooler. They deconstruct as fast as you can construct one, so the time to move them is very minimal.

4. Relaxation anyone. The key reason for having a hot tub is to relax, decompress and soothe your body. You will receive the same benefits of a portable spa, as you would a traditional spa. These spas come with usually around a hundred or more tiny air jets that gently soothes the skin and relaxes the muscles. With the water temperature at upwards of 104 degrees, any worried thought in your head will disappear quickly.
An inflatable hot tub is quickly becoming the choice for individuals who want the luxury of a traditional spa without the traditional spa cost. You can experience the same hot water, comfortable seats and relaxing jets. The major difference is that you will pay much less for one of these tubs, and can take it with you need to.

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